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Botanical Dwellilngs, Art on the Atlanta Beltline 2014

Botanical Dwellings as part of the Art on the Atlanta Beltline 2014, is in its installation site in Reynoldstown through November 14, 2014. Art on the Atlanta Beltline is Atlanta’s largest temporary, public art exhibition. My collaborator and I received a public art grant in order to fabricate and install our first public artwork, Botanical […]

Spit bite on copper plates

Adding some additional spit bite to plates 1 and 2 for joint publishing with straw hat press. This whole process is so meditative and about the process. I compare it to zen meditation and ancient Asian processes such as calligraphy

Etching copper plates with soft ground

Adding a soft ground to these two plates to serve as the background for plates 1 and 2 with straw hat press and rosembarron

From my mapping painting series

I was told by Ben Prisk my mapping series reminded him  of this for some reason: I like that  

"The Annunciation"


         See Rose M Barron’s photo series “Multitude of Madonnas”                            “The Annunciation”   Whats Old is New: Rose M Barron Writes About the Influences for her Modern Madonnas in “Multitude of Madonnas” at whitespec If the art markets are […]