Satyritown-SurREEL in Cabbagetown

Cabbagetown/Satyritown statement

First drawn to Cabbagetown by its history, I inherently became intrigued by the uniqueness and eccentricity of the place. It is a rural-type neighborhood community within an urban setting.

As I began to meet the people I realized what a rich sense of community they held. People sit on their porches together, talk, feud, and help one another. They party and they share food. The community—authentic and complex– is filled with the creative, intelligent, and curious. I found them most compelling.

Much more than history and community, Cabbagetown looked like a world that imitated fantasy inside and outside of the homes. As I began to document the town and it’s people with a super 8 camera, I discovered my film was not going to be a documentary but instead something else. I found that the textures and colors were intensified. My film began to take on its own form, something that, to me, had a sensual as well as a spiritual feeling to it.

My film and stills are about this experience. It invites the viewer to float through. There is something magical about crossing under the Krog street tunnel into Cabbagetown. It feels surreal.

My intent is to give others a view of what I see. I hope to portray a face level discovery, as well as the rich aesthetic of Cabbagetown. Scenes of a dog in a window and sheets blowing in the wind become an introduction to a place, its people– and their magical worlds they have built in their homes.