Urbanscapes seriesAs a multi media artist I find my themes and styles cross over one another.  After completing a series of abstracted landscape paintings, I found myself attracted to junk and the abandonment of items during my walks through the city of Atlanta. These items were old, rusting, peeling, and eroding but wonderful colors and beautiful compositions erupted from beneath the layers. As I began to photograph and moved in closer I noticed the actual object became harder to detect, the areas I chose became abstracted almost landscape or seascape like. As I compared these images to my paintings I noticed many of the colors and patterns of abstractions were similar. Intense colorings in the rust shot close up resembled abstracted sunsets, fields, and ocean waves. I like finding beauty in the unexpected and in the mundane.

These images were shot with film using a Mamiya medium format camera, crossed processed, digitally scanned and printed as a fine art color print. Each image is printed as a limited edition of 5.