Home As Sanctuary

Drawn to many of Atlanta urban neighborhoods by history, I am intrigued by the uniqueness and eccentricity I find in many of the places and people. The authentic and complex communities are filled with the creative, intelligent, and curious people. I find it most compelling. My photos are of individuals who make their homes their individual retreats from the hustle and bustle of everyday lives. This is their castle, their sanctuary. It is a safe place to escape, a welcoming and warm infectious atmosphere. It is a space of it’s own time where friends and people meet. The photos become about this space and sanctuary and about the persons playing in this space. I want my images to convey this experience, inviting the viewer in, giving them an introduction to a place, its people– and their magical wacky worlds they have built in their homes.


This project started in Cabbagetown, which is an in town Atlanta area that had a tremendous growth in the 80’sparked by an influx of artists. The project has extended to other in town neighborhoods such as Kirkwood and Candler Park also full of richness, history and character. Kirkwood, Candler Park and Cabbagetown were established in the late 1880’s and had flourish of growth in the late 1980’s. These areas have that small town feel in a big city. These are communities of neighbors and friends who gather to celebrate nature, the arts and each other.

When I visit each home, especially if I don’t already know the people well, I learn about the residents and their lives and then schedule the photo shoot. When I arrive some have outfits or costumes along with their ideas. I let them play for the photo as I direct them so I keep my basic thread of ideas, leaving room for some collaboration. They start revealing their uninhibited selves in their space.

They celebrate the time and fellowship stating that this is much better and more fun than watching nighttime tv.