Comfort series

My photographs stem from the close relationship that I have with my two children signifying our love, comfort, dependency, vulnerability and intimacy. Examining the emotions shared between close relationships and the beauty with the dark side of things such as the complications of growing up or aging, fear, anger, love, beauty, sensuality, strength, and confidence.

The power of emotion between people and of people fascinates me. I want to show that intimacy and need of others is a beautiful experience. Seeking to unveil this in my work I have chosen to shoot close up views with strong lighting. The utmost of detail is shown depicting beauty with flaws and all. Beauty in the love shown of a mothers worn hands against a child’s young skin or the blemishes in a young adolescent’s skin or a young boy’s skinned up knees. All is shown in full vulnerability.

The Angles combined with close up views of the hair and skin gives this body of work an abstract depiction. Some of the photos appear to be landscapes. Shadows are cast and rich textures of the skin are exemplified.

My photographs are large format color cibachromes printed 16″ x 20″ available matted and framed to a format of 25″ x 35″ single or in a series of 12.