Inspired by landscape and architecture of the southern United States, my photographic work probes dreams, emotion, fears and memory. The work stems from the ways I respond to spaces, settings, and the environment. These responses become performance-like, similar to a choreographed piece. Through the imagery generated, I examine my identity and my relationship to the places near where my ancestors lived.

My self-portraits depict the enigmatic women in exploration of something. Drawing from my own life stories and culture I respond to the shooting locations, often making references to myths, fairytales and fables. The work is reliant of narrative and psychological thought.

I use tableau to conjure a more ambiguous and loosely referenced narrative. Reducing the specificity of place and period fosters their dream like quality. Implied stories remain intentionally open-ended to close down viewer’s expectations of uncovering a result.

The images – often in conversation with pre-Raphaelite ones – are otherworldly, ethereal, they are seemingly pretty images but one senses a disturbing tension of what lies beneath the beautiful.