Blonde in Atlanta

Participant Portraiture My portraiture series titled “Blonde” is about human sexuality and the relationship between society and self.
I wanted to portray different people wearing the same the blonde bombshell style wig. I documented the model’s reaction to their new look as well as documented the public’s reaction to the model.
I created this body of work because I am interested in human relations and interaction between people. I am also interested in how society views beauty and glamour.
I have set up the composition in these photographs up similar to film stills directing these shots to look more spontaneous than staged. My photographs were done in numerous locations within the city of Atlanta using friends and self as models.
My work fits into the current contemporary art of the works of Cindy Sherman and Nikki S. Lee.  Sherman’s film stills depict the sexuality of role models from film sex symbols, while Lee continues the “performance” type work with it consisting of having her photographed as part of different cultures and lifestyles.
Reactions of models and public included comments such as “I never get this much attention” and ” I never mind talking to pretty women”.  Whistles, head turns and date proposals were also reactions of society.
I expect my viewers to relate to these photographs as this is the public icon of female sexuality and how females are often looked at.