Collection of 4″x5″ cards from the multitude of Madonna series

#photography #madonnas

I am posting some of my first year photography students work. These are from Digital Asset Management and Principles of Photography classes that I teach.


I am working on another Joint Publishing with Straw Hat Press. These are the 3 images we will be working on as photo gravures. Stay tuned.

iphone self portrait bamboo series

#iphone #self portrait #bamboo forest

I’m doing specialized portrait work; these are some from the Burlesque portrait photography session

Specialized photography portrait sessions

I am documenting the process for the etchings I am doing a joint publishing with Straw Hat Press, 1st image is a drawing for soft ground plate 5 which will print atop of the previous plates, image 2 nd 3 are proof prints form plates 1 and 2; stay tuned

#etching drawing with #straw hat press

Spit bite on copper plates

Adding some additional spit bite to plates 1 and 2 for joint publishing with straw hat press. This whole process is so meditative and about the process. I compare it to zen meditation and ancient Asian processes such as calligraphy

Etching copper plates with soft ground

Adding a soft ground to these two plates to serve as the background for plates 1 and 2 with straw hat press and rosembarron